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Product Information

Our Containment strategies by providing integrated concepts for pharmaceutical production processes while manufacturing solids.

  • Chemical Industry Manufacturing (active) compounds.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Manufacturing solids.
  • Machine manufacturers of pharmaceutical production machines

Basic Steps for Containment :

  • People safety :- To protect the operator
  • Environment Safety :- To protect the environment
  • Drugs Safety :- To protect the drug 

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, a basic requirement is to prevent contamination of a manufactured product by the environment. Pharmaceutical companies invest heavily in clean rooms of various grades, ventilation systems and process equipment designed to maintain a clean environment

Selection of containment :

The selection of suitable equipment at the right place however requires an in depth understanding of certain containment aspects. Firstly to assure that the chosen equipment performs in the required level, but also, and this is important from the investment aspect, to prevent an expensive and unnecessary potential "Overkill".



We have a range of Containment over various process :-                                       

 Containment For  API : 

1. Sampling and Dispensing isolator

2. Reactor Charging Isolator

3. ANFD Isolator

4. VTD Drying Isolator

5. Milling and Sieving Isolator

6. Pack-off Isolator

7. Equipment Wash Isolator

8. Centrifuge Discharge isolator

9. Blending isolator

10. Air jet mill isolator


Containment for Granulation Line (OSD Line) :

1. Sampling and Dispensing Isolator

2. RMG-Mixing Isolator 

3. FBD- Drying Isolator

4. Blending isolator

5. Compression machine Isolator

6. Tablet Coating Isolator

7. Blister pack Isolator


Others -Our isolator systems are easy to integrate with existing equipment also  as stated below :


 1. Filteration isoator- with Nutsche Filter, Centrifuge, ANFD Etc.

2. Blending Isolator - With Double cone blender, V Blender, Octagonal Blender, Bin blender Etc.

3. Coating isolator - Our isolation system can be easily integrated with tablet or capsule coating machine.

4. Dying Isolator- Vacuum tray dryer isolator where in pharma industries common problem is to dry the material in highly contained fashion.

5. Milling isolator :- Multi-mill, Jet mill, Air jet mill etc.


Many more application to enhance the safety of the operator.