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RCVD : Our Rotocone Vacuum Dryer have total C-GMP finish construction with an enclosed drive unit preinsulated and cladded with S.S. 304 monoblack. Available in S.S. Hastelloy, Teflon Coated & Helor coating construction.
The Dryer is available with choppers/lump breakers our RCVD is provided with Mechanical Rotocone Vacuum Dryer, Rotocone Vacuum Paddle Dryer.

RCVD is suitable for drying of materials which cannot resist high temperature, material which are easily oxidized, volatile materials which should be retrieved, materials strong irritant and poisonous in nature. Our RCVD with improved technology integrates during operation under vacuum. The RCVD facilitates enhanced drying efficiency, low temperature operation and economy of process by total solvent recovery. It helps cGMP based working by achieving optimum dust control, while offering advantages of efficient charging and discharging of materials. The drying unit equipped with lump breakers initially breaks large lumps and subsequently powders them (in single cone). The rotary action of the dryer together with mechanical action of the breakers cuts down drying time and gives a lump free product.


  • Reduces drying time
  • Eliminates need for re-drying of lumps
  • Handling and exposure of final product is avoided
  • Gives uniformity size dry product
  • System can process crystalline or amorphous powders which are prone for lumps
  • Easy to clean internal surface, thus ensuring purity of product
  • Optimum and continuous vacuum maintenance during process
  • Uniform material shuffling over the heated contact surface of the cone

Salient Features :

  • Inner shell/Cone and contact parts in SS 316.
  • Steam/HW water Jacket in SS 304.
  • Insulation with jacket in SS 304.
  • Cyclone separator in SS 316.
  • Condenser (shell&tube) and Receiver in SS304
  • Butterfly valve (SS316) at discharge port with dummy and hand wheel.
  • Stand and Structure in SS 304/MS with SS304 cladding.
  • Drive unit enclosed with SS304 Covers
  • Dry Mechanical Seal for vacuum side.
  • Dry Mechanical Seal for Waterside.
  • FLP Motor & FLP Control panel enclosed in SS304 panel
  • Digital Temperature Indicators (FLP) at Hot Water inlet and outlet.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator (FLP) and Dial Vacuum Gauge in vapor line.
  • Digital Temperature Controller (FLP) with Pneumatic Valve at Hot water inlet.
  • Provision for Nitrogen purging/Vacuum release with interlocking to isolation valve
  • Temperature and Vacuum Gauges (Dial Type) on Cone.
  • Safety Guard/railing telescopic type with limit switch (FLP) with interlocking.
  • Drain plug and safety valve on HW/Steam Jacket.
  • Pulse jet type dust filter is provided in side the cone.
  • Positioning wheel /inching button for cone
  • DRIVE : Gear Box & Motor Direct Coupled and Gear Box to Cone Drive shaft Bull Gear-Pinion Gear Drive.
  • Extended shaft (drive side) so that drive unit can be kept in service zone (if required)
  • Vacuum loading system of wet material into the Cone.
  • FINISH : Internal 320 Grit Mirror Polish and Outer 180 Grit Mat Finish


Vibro Sifter :

Noiseless, Maintenance free & high speeds.
Available in various models providing screening diameter of 12”, 20”, 30” , 36”, 48”, 72” etc.
Portable and compact.
Electric power requirement less than other machine of the kind in the industries & lower energy 5) consumption compared to reciprocating vibratory system.
All c SS 316 quality contact parts optional contact parts and screen of SS 304 AISI stainless steel material.
Easy dismantling and cleaning facility for contact parts.
Wide range of screen sizes 4-300 Mesh.
Double & Triple deck screens with outlet and hopper for bottom deck available on request.


Salient Features :
1.All contact parts SS 304/ SS 316. available in standard and GMP model.
2. Direction of beaters can be changed by reversible switch from knife to impact toward and vice versa.
3.All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantied for cleaning.
4.Machine is designed for continuous operation. Castors are provided for mobility of the machine flame proof electricals can be provided at extra cost.
5. Beaters and scraper blades are hardened and hard chrome plated.

Technical Specifications :Output reduction50 kgs. To 200 kgs. Per hour depending on the product and size required.
Beater12 nos. With knife and impact edges & 2 scraper blades.
Motor3 hp, 2800 RPM, 415 V, 50Hz, 3 PH, AC
Screen area (mm)495 x 135 (66825 sq. Mrm)
Screen size:(I) perforated 0.5 to 25 mm (II) wiremesh 4 to 100 mesh.
Rotor speed750/1500/2300/3000 RPM.
Dimensions (mm)1230(L) x 760 (W)x 1700 (H1)
Rotor assy. Dia250 mm
Net weight (Kgs)250 kgs.

RMG (Rapid Mixture Granulator):

Rapid Mixer Granulators (RMG) are primarily used for tablet manufacturing process which requires homogenous mixing, controlled granule size and at the same time assuring great reduction in processing time. These apart, cGMP models demand utmost hygiene standard that can only be achieved on RMG.

Working Principle & Construction:
The bowl has a flat circular base and the diameter of the bowl at the mid-region is comparatively larger in size, gradually tapering off towards the top in the shape of a cone. This particular configuration helps in proper mixing of cohesive powders.

Cohesive powders tend to develop lumps during the mixing process, and are taken care of by a high speed granulator (chopper). This chopper is horizontally inserted through the bowl at side of the bowl bottom to break the lumps thus formed and blend the powder with great effectiveness.

Spinning of material close to the bottom of the mixing bowl and chopper blade sets the entire mixing process in whirling and tumbling motion. Different types of chopper blades are provided for different application. Granulating blades rotate at very high speed of about 2800-3000 rpm for intense mixing.

GMP models are constructed with SS 316 quality. Electrical control panel consisting of switchgears, fuses, motor starter, push buttons, ammeters, indicating lamps, pressure switch etc. is enclosed in stainless sheet metal panel and mini PLC that shows operation in progress in MIMIC.

Models available to handle 1 kg. batch to 1000 kg. of product.


Uphill is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & Exporter of Tray Dryers in India.

We offer a precision engineered range of tray dryer specially designed for uniform circulation of hot air in the drying chamber. The sturdily built unit is fitted with thermostatic temperature control up-to 100 degree. Oven is equipped with dry air inlet and wet air exhaust. Available in different models with options for 12, 24, 48 and 96 trays.

The Tray Dryer offered by us is used for diverse drying applications like food, electrodes, bakery, plastic & powders and drying of pigments. The Vacuum Tray Dryer is used in the industries like Pharmacy where drying and heating are the essential parts of the manufacturing process.

Blender is an efficient and versatile machine for mixing dry powder and granules homogeneously. All the contact parts made out of stainless steel of required grade by customer. Two third of the volume of the Double Cone Blender is filled to ensure proper mixing. It can be used for Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetic products etc.

Salient Features of  Blenders :

  • The conical shape at both ends of Double Cone Blender enables uniform mixing and easy discharge.
  • All contact parts are made out of stainless 304 or 316 quality material, as required by customer.
  • Maximum care has been taken to ensure safe operation of  Blender.
  • Manual rotating facility with hand wheel for inching. The same will be provided with ss cover & limit switch. ( In 200 Kgs. & above model )
  • Two nos. of safety rods will be provided at back side. ( One LH side & one RH side )
  • Suitable size of butter fly valve at one end of the cone provided for material discharge & hole with openable cover provided at other end of the cone for material charging & cleaning.
  • One shaft with 04 nos. of fixed baffles with mirror polished provided inside the cone.
  • Cones of the  Blender will be mirror polished from the inside & outside & structure will be matt polished.
  • All moving parts of the  Blenders are covered with SS304 covers.
  • Safety guards made from SS304 pipes provided in front of the m/c with limit switch.
  • Panel fabricated from SS304 material with facility of three phase indication, D.O.L. starter, digital timer & Amp. Meter.
  • As per customer requirement machine will be provided with left side drive or with right side drive.
  • The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge.
  • All contact parts of the Blender are made out of SS304/316(as per customer requirement) quality material.
  • Maximum care has been taken to ensure safe operation of the unit.
  • Worm reduction gear use for speed reduction.
  • Food grade rubber gasket will be used on both end of cone as well as in butterfly valve.
  • Inside & outside of the cone will be polished to the mirror finished.
  • General structure made out of SS304 and Polished to the matt / mirror finish ( as required by you ) in GMP Model.
  • All safety guards & covers made out of SS304 in GMP Model of Blenders.
  • Hand wheel will be provided for manual tilting of cone.
  • Safety guards provided with limit switch to not start the machine when safety guards are not in proper position.